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Try the Unique Flavors of Sweet Geisha v8p Juice Today

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 625 Views No comments

Review of Sweet Geisha V8p Juice

One of our new brands we are currently distributing, Sweet Geisha V8p Juice, is really gaining momentum in the e-liquid scene due to their large variety of flavors and unique design. We had our research and development review their juices. Here’s a little blurb from the about me section on their website:

“All our V8P Juice is Manufactured on site right here in south Florida. We adhear to all current AEMSA, and GMP Standards and only use the best ingredients available when formulating our e-liquids. We use 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin, a Revolutionary new Bio-based (Plantbased) Propylene Glycol that is derived from Non GMO Corn, and our Specialized Vapor friendly flavors as produced by our Flavorist that do not contain any Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, or other Questionable Flavor notes, Colorants or Additives.”

Their website is user-friendly, informative, and concise - no fluff and fillers just quality e-juice with great descriptions. Not only do they sell e-juice, but they also manufacture and distribute their own vape pen starter kit called V8PORIZER.

Their e-juices come in 10, 30, 120, and 250ml - however my local vape shop only sells the 30ml so that’s what I bought. The nic levels are 0-18mg. I vape a 3mg as I have been transitioning from cigarettes. All of their e-juices are 70vg/30pg, however you can request a 50/50 on the site if you prefer.

First thing you notice about the bottles is that they are frosted glass and very appealing with brightly colored accents. All the information necessary is located on the side of the bottle such a “born on date” (which I not only love but thought was clever). “This Product Contains NicSelect® Brand Premium Nicotine and is available in convenient 10ml, 30ml, 120ml and mega 250ml sizes. in multiple Nicotine strengths including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg (No Nicotine, 0.03%, 0.06%, 0.12%, and 0.18% Pure Tobacco Leaf Nicotine Concentrations). Our V8P Juice bottles are Glass, with Childsafe and Tamper Evident tops and color coded dropper rubber to indicate Nicotine Strength.”

Now Sweet Geisha V8p Juice is described as a strawberry milkshake, and we can safely say that is an accurate description! On the inhale is a sweet cream taste with a hint of strawberry and on the exhale you get the rich, strawberry milkshake flavoring. Sweet and refreshing yet so rich. It definitely fits our flavor profile to a T. Even for a 70vg juice, its flavorful and packs a punch. Vapor production on this one is great too. If you are a trickster this may not be your go-to as you would require a higher vg, but for us and any other vaper it’s a great all day vape (ADV)!

Overall I’d give it an 8.5 out of 10!

Find Out Why Vaping Regulations Are Harmful To Vapers

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 118 Views No comments

Vaping Regulations: Why are vapers being treated like cigarette smokers?

Even after a recent study from Britain’s Department of Health proved that vaping is 95% less harmful than combustion cigarettes, places like Bangor, Maine are spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting to keep vaping out of their communities. Many cities have already banned vaping or have placed vaping regulations limiting where vapers can use their devices saying these electronic cigarettes act as a gateway to teenage tobacco usage and produce harmful chemicals. It seems as though more and more communities are treating electronic cigarettes the same as regular cigarettes solely based off these “facts.”

Not only is that information incorrect , but it’s doing more harm than good. The chemicals that have been linked to smoking-related diseases such as cancer and emphysema cannot be found in electronic cigarettes. “The problem is people increasingly think they are at least as harmful, and this may be keeping millions of smokers from quitting,” reported Kevin Fenton, director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England, the party who conducted the study. Fenton also went on to point out that in the study, they could not conclude electronic cigarettes act a gateway to teens smoking tobacco as only 2% of young people in Britain vape regularly.

The most common vaping regulations users are experiencing in their communities is designated vaping areas (in the same places where designated smoking areas are). Let’s break this down. These city officials are placing non smokers who are using tobacco free, safer electronic cigarettes to get off regular combustion cigarettes in the same area where people are smoking regular combustion cigarettes emitting secondhand smoke. Seems counterintuitive right? If you were trying to lose weight, would it help you with your goal if there was a bakery inside your gym?

Cigarette butts are the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide. It is estimated that 1.69 BILLION pounds of butts wind up as toxic trash each year, creating an enormous environmental, health, and economic burden. Therefore it is common practice, especially on college campuses, to implement designated smoking areas. With a designated smoking area, students use cigarette receptacles to discard their butts and the waste is easily controlled as it is in a centralized area. However, how much waste does vaping create? None. The glass, plastic, and aluminum bottles e-liquid comes in can be recycled and the batteries used in mods are rechargeable lithium batteries.

With all that being said, why are vapers being treated like smokers, sometimes even worse? If you agree that they shouldn’t, sign this petition to help prevent further vaping regulations and to help vapers keep their freedom!

How To Better Represent Female Vapers In Our Community

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 613 Views No comments

Why Vaping Needs to Better Represent Female Vapers

How many times have you seen a vaping advertisement featuring a seminude woman? Now, how many times have you seen a vaping advertisement actually targeted towards women? You’d probably say you’ve seen the ladder much less than the first. And that is a huge issue in today’s vaping community. Women are actually more likely to start vaping than men, however female vapers are represented much less by its most visible ambassadors than their male counterparts. Why is this?

Are vaping companies just becoming lazy? Are they holding too tightly onto the ideal that sexually appealing advertisements fuel sales? Maybe! We wanted to find out how #ladyvapers are feeling about this, so we hit up our vape friends to get their perspectives. We interviewed social influencer and manager of Gremlin Goo E-Liquids Daniela Angueira, aka @subohm_turtles, YouTube reviewer Samantha aka Sarkazz, and social influencer/cloud chaser Maria aka @juicyclouds.

In a recent article on Mic. they say “vaping is dripping with toxic masculinity.” Would you agree with that?

Daniela - I do agree with that. I feel there is a lack in female representation in the community. Not only that, I also feel that many of the girls that are trying to contribute in this community are just doing it for attention. Which is why they all pose half-naked on social media. It annoys me because many of them don't even know a thing about vaping or about the hardware. You ask them what build they have in their atty and they're like "What...?" It's disappointing.

Samantha - Good question and observation. I believe it can be two things. Partly it can be the old view of it not being sexy for women to smoke and then being that our presence is so minimal, our authority or knowledge of the industry/community may not be taking seriously.

Maria - Not exactly sure what this means but, if it means that it's mostly male dominant & women aren't taken serious, like they don't have the knowledge to discuss vape products & their performance, then yes I can agree with that somewhat because I've seen it happen.

How do you feel about the amount of seminude female images on social media promoting your favorite juice lines?

Daniela - It just gets me upset because if you feel that you need to pose seminude, place a mod between your stuff and pose to get followers and attention then you shouldn't really be... vaping? Sure you can be cute and somewhat sexy in your photos but you really don't have to take it overboard and pose in lingerie. They're making the rest of us look bad. I've heard people refer to all the women in this community as "vape sluts". It's sad.

Samantha - I feel the seminude female images are EXACTLY why we will have a problem being taken seriously in the vape community. Why does every single thing have to be sexualized? Putting juice in your private parts? But the thing is the majority of these companies are owned by men and for them to advertise like that shows how they see us as part of the community. The seminude images have nothing to with the product. Those images no matter how enticing do NOT make the juice better LOL nor does it get you those types of women. But hey sex sells they say.

Maria - I understand that models have & always will be used in promoting ... But at the same time I feel that we as a community have to set a good example & be inviting not only to single young men, but to an older more sophisticated crowd ...

When a company is relying solely on the “sex sells” ideal, how likely are you to buy their product?

Daniela - There’s ways to be sexy where it doesn't look trashy and disgusting. I'm not saying don't do it, because the majority of the community is made up of men and that's what men like and they will buy the product.

Samantha - I sigh every time I see the seminude images. I have no interest because it takes away from me taking the company/product seriously. It’s like all else failed them so hey let’s throw in a nude woman and place the bottles in her private parts.

Maria - Highly unlikely

What company do you think is most accurately depicting real female vapers in their marketing strategies?

Daniela - @528_custom_vapes and @dotmod both do an amazing job. They're perfect examples of companies that don't need naked women to be successful.

Samantha - I had to really think about this. As I scroll my Instagram I would off the back say at one point or another each company has, whether directly or indirectly.

Maria - Hard to pinpoint because they all use some type of models in one way or another...

If you could give a piece of advice to vape marketers trying to target the community as a whole, men and women alike, what would it be?

Daniela - I would say to focus more on keeping vaping alive. Builders, people who do vape tricks, and women who actually know about vaping should obviously be getting more attention than all these half naked females. Instead of taking the easy way out and having seminudes represent your product, just put some more work and time into it. Sponsor photographers, tricksters, people who actually care about this community and not only see it as an easy way of getting attention. Hard work always pays off.

Samantha - The advice I would give is to just make a product that they can stand by. The flavors should range from delicate to robust, so that any and every one can find a piece of themselves within it.

Maria - To be appealing to everyone ... Men, women, married couples, people on a budget ... Use actual "real-life" people who just vape to quit cigarettes, not because they're competing in some type of contest ... & everyday scenarios in their images/videos ...

Get Kangertech’s Subtank Nano In Colors At The Vape Store

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 126 Views No comments

The Vape Store to Exclusively Distribute Kangertech’s Subtank Nano in Colors

Probably one of the worst things that can happen after you purchase an all-in-one starter kit is when your clearomizer breaks. To get that same, sleek look you had before, you have to purchase a whole new kit, which can become very costly. Sometimes you might find a store distributing the tank as a standalone product, but its rare, and even more rare to find it in the same color. However, very soon you’ll be able to snag the Kangertech Subox Nano Colors. There’s only one spot in the U.S. exclusively distributing the tanks as a standalone product - that’s right us! The Vape Store!

The Kanger Subtank Nano is a slimmer version of the Kanger Subtank Mini. However, this little guy has such big features, like the fact that it’s designed exclusively for organic cotton coils.

The new Kanger OCC uses authentic Japanese organic cotton wicks to produce a more flavorful vape. It also has a longer lifespan and bigger heating element than similar coils. The Kanger Subtank Nano features a fully enhanced adjustable airflow control, sturdy glass tank, a spring-loaded 510 connection and the PEEK Insulator.

We’ll have these tanks up on the site very soon in all 3 colors (black, purple, and pink), and we’ll be sending an email out to everyone once they’re live. If you haven’t already signed up for our email alerts, definitely hop on the train by clicking here.

Here Are 5 Vaping Facts You Should Already Know

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 160 Views No comments

5 Vaping Facts You Should Know

1. Vaping has similar effects on your lungs as breathing air

A recent study recently proved this from a laboratory that recreated human lung cells and using a human robot to test the effects of smoking vs. vaping on the lungs. After 6 hours of regular smoking the lung cells died. After rigorous and continuous vaping, the cells showed similar results to that of breathing air.

2. Even though the FDA hasn’t started to regulate e-liquids, most companies are self regulating

Most bottles you purchase will be shrink wrapped with a childproof cap, warning label, ingredients, place of origin, and nicotine strength. In fact, most manufacturers have begin to run out of child safety caps because of the large amount of orders they have been receiving from e-liquid companies.

3. Vaping DOES help you quit cigarettes

Mainstream publications have been found citing studies proving this:

“In a large, international survey (emphasis mine) of current, former, or never users of e-cigarettes, 72 percent of users reported that e-cigarettes helped them to deal with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, 92 percent reported reductions in their smoking when using e-cigarettes, and only 10 percent reported that they experienced the urge to smoke tobacco cigarettes when using the e-cigarette. Moreover, of more than 2000 former smokers in this survey, 96 percent reported that the e-cigarette helped them to stop smoking.”

Vaping is the most used alternative to quit smoking.

4. Health organizations are backing the pros of vaping

American Council on Science and Health: “Tobacco firms already control 99 percent of the nicotine supply, and the firms could soon dominate the growing e-cigarette market. Unless constrained by the laws of the country concerned, tobacco firms could raise electronic cigarettes prices and their profit, decreasing the incentive for smokers to switch to safer products, and protecting firms’ tobacco cigarette sales revenue from competition.”

5. Don’t be scared to vape with friends, secondhand vapor poses no risk to your loved ones.

A French study actually found that the vapor produced dissolves in 11 seconds. However, even though it poses no risk, don’t be that guy that’s vaping in a restaurant or a plane. Or for instance this girl.

How many of those vaping facts did you know?

Find Out How The Kangertech Nebox Is A Game Changer

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 135 Views No comments

Why Kangertech Nebox is a Gamechanger

The Kangertech Nebox is the first integration of both a mod and a tank in one sleek, unique design sure to please with potential to be a best seller in any shop. Not only is this device extremely convenient, but the 10mL tank capacity is something we’re excited about as well.

The Kangertech Nebox’s predecessors, The SubTank, SubBox Mini, and SubBox Nano, have proven their dominance in the industry, and we’re sure this will too. Unlike those, however, the Kangertech Nebox will also be able to withstand resistances down to 0.15 ohms. This tells us we can foreshadow a promising future for Kangertech’s next pre-built coil heads.

We’ll have these devices up on the site very soon in all 4 colors (black, white, blue, and red), and we’ll be sending an email out to everyone once it’s live. If you haven’t already signed up for our email alerts, definitely hop on the train by clicking here.

How Vaping Made Quitting Smoking Easier For One Man

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 111 Views No comments

Quitting Smoking - One Man Explains How Vaping Helped Him to Breathe Again

When you are quitting smoking, people are faced with the age old question, “Why don’t you just quit?” If only it were that simple. The thing is, many people don’t understand the cravings, headaches, and anxiety one can experience when quitting cold turkey. Many people don’t understand the negative side effects of cessation devices like the patch either. One man tells the story of how switching to vaping eliminated his need for anxiety medications, inhalers, asthma medication, and allergy medication.

“I have been able to stop anti anxiety medication, I feel much calmer than jonsing for a smoke every 30 mins, I am calm and can go a few hours without anything right now.

Bronchitis symptoms disappeared within a week of transitioning. My allergies have been virtually nonexistent. And the nicotine helps prevent my migraines without prescription medication.

I have asthma, and have stopped taking my daily asthma medication, and barely use my ‘rescue’ albuterol inhaler.

Cholesterol dropped from 430 to 280 (w/o medication), stamina greatly increased, lost all indications of period (previously treated for 10 years), total loss of angina events

I am suffering from chronical astma bronchitis. Before I saterted vaping, I used three different types of steroid medication, three times a day, just to be able to breath normally. Now, after several month of vaping, I am down to only one medication, once a day.”

If you are interested in switching to vaping, The Vape Store has a large selection of vape starter kits to help get your health back on track.

Save Money By Switching From Cigarettes To Atomizers

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 90 Views No comments

You’ll Never Believe How Much Money You Will Save By Switching from Smoking to Vaping Atomizers

Besides the many health concerns of why people switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, there’s also another important factor to take into consideration: cost. And it’s unbelievable how much you can save by making the switch.

Let’s just use the example of someone who smokes a pack a day:
$6.00 (average price of a cigarette pack) x 365 days a year = $2,190/year or $183/month

For E-Cigarettes, we are using the price of the starter Kit + Replacement Parts + e-liquid. Starter Kits on average cost $40. You will need a new atomizer every other month, which will cost about $64/year. Batteries for the most part last 3 months which means you will need to purchase 2 two-packs of batteries during the year, which is $28/year. A 12ml bottle of e-liquid will usually last a little longer than a week for someone who smokes a pack a day. We price our house e-liquid at $3.99 for 12ml, and buying 1 per week comes to about $208 a year. Now let’s break that down:

$40 (starter kit) + $64 (atomizers) + $28 (batteries) + $208 (e-liquid) = $340/yearly or $28/monthly.

$2,190 (smoking cost) - $340 (vaping cost) = $1,850 savings annually

$183 (smoking cost) - $28 (vaping cost) = $155 savings monthly

$155 a month?! That’s a car payment!! If you quit smoking cigarettes and switch to vaping you might actually be able to afford that new car!

Now this is just if you are purchasing the average tools you need to start vaping. For hardcore enthusiasts who like to use a variety of mods & e-liquids and build their own coils, the savings may be less.

This also does not include our Vape Store Rewards program. Earning points through purchases is as easy as our apple pie e-liquid. Lets say you purchased a $100 vaporizer, you will receive 100 points which is $5.00 towards your next purchase! You will then be able to redeem these points on future purchases!

BUT THERE’S MORE!! Each friend you refer is 10 points, subscribing to our newsletter is 25 points, submitting a product review is 5 points, and sharing a comment to our social media platforms is another 5 points!

Switch to vaping now, and you won’t believe how much money you’ll save! GET STARTED!

What You Need To Know About Mod Safety

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 95 Views No comments

What You Need to Know About Mod Safety

Even though vaping has proven its benefits, we still have the mainstream media, local governments, and the FDA against us, cracking down on regulations and highlighting all of the potential dangers. Most recently, this has been the dangers when it comes to devices, making everyday people believe they are volatile explosives that essentially blow up in your face. Stories like <a href=“ “>this</a> have gone viral, further hindering vaping’s reputation to the mainstream. However, these accidents are completely preventable! Many vapers are unaware of risks involved with the unregulated mods causing these dangerous accidents, and if we can help prevent any future accidents, we will certainly do so!

If you're using a regulated device with pre-made coils, then you are in the clear. It is when you are using an unregulated device with self made coils that the risks involved come to the forefront. If you do not follow Ohm's Law with these builds, you can pull too much energy from your battery, making it unstable. When this occurs, it causes damage to the battery, causing it to vent. When a battery starts venting, it expands, increasing its size. If this generates enough pressure, it can cause the device to essentially detonate. This is precisely why battery safety is regarded by many to be the #1 safety hazard. People who want large clouds will wrap their coils for very, very low resistance. Many times these wraps are well outside of the specs of the battery they are using; that’s what causes dangerous results!

Even with a regulated device, when making your own coil, you still have a risk - especially if you build it outside of your batteries’ specs.Regulated devices have safety switches in place that prevent it from firing if outside of a specified range to prevent over-volting, but these safety measures CAN fail. That is why it is imperative to always follow Ohm's Law and know about mod safety when you make your coils, ensuring it is within the specs of the batteries you use.

However, don’t let this get you down! Cloud Chasers all over have proven that it can be done safely! You just need to know the two most important parts of battery mod safety:

  1. Keep an eye out on your battery while it’s charging

Once you see that it is fully charged, take it out of the charger. Leaving batteries in a charger all night long or longer can cause them to be overcharged, which can result in battery failure. We recommend using the Nitecore D2 Universal Charger.

2. Never let your battery wrapper rip

Always keep your battery clean. If you notice tears or rips, it’s time to purchase another. We have a variety of options available here.

Study From Rutgers University Finds E-Cigarettes May Help People Quit Smoking Cigarettes

By The Vape Store 8 months ago 108 Views No comments

Cristine Delnevo “Quit Smoking” statement with aid of e-cigarettes

“This is in line with other recent evidence that regular, daily e-cigarette use may help some smokers quit smoking cigarettes,” said Cristine Delnevo, researcher at the School of Public Health and lead author of the study.

Another key finding was that e-cigarette experimentation ranks very, very low for those who do not regularly smoke regular combustion cigarettes, exhibiting the illegitimacy of the claim that e-cigarettes act as a gateway to regular cigarettes. Additionally, e-cigarette use is more common in users over age 25 than those age 18-24. “This may indicate that e-cigarettes lack appeal to nonsmokers and generally do not cause former smokers to return to smoking.”

Shroeder Institute’s Director, David Abrams, also noted that e-cigarettes “could be used to displace much more toxic cigarettes among smokers and generate an impressive public health benefit in terms of lives saved.”

"Improved and standardized measures of e-cigarette use are needed to understand how these products are being used as well as the progression from experimentation to regular use and the influence of e-cigarette uptake on tobacco use trajectories," noted Delnevo.